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NanoFilm Technologies Japan Limited


Head technology is a major element in the race to develop smaller hard disk drives with higher capacities. In order to achieve high recording density, it is imperative that the head be very close to the medium. The minimum flying gap limitation between the slider head and the rotating magnetic recording disk will reach a bottle-neck in the next 5 ~ 10 years. Thin-film heads will have to scale to such a trend, and the ta-C film produced by FCVA technology is likely to become a prominent process in their manufacture. It can be produced at ultra-thin thickness (<30ナ) with superior corrosion /wear resistance and excellent surface morphology...


Drilling in different PCB technologies

  • Diameter of plated through hole is getting smaller
  • The number of through holes is getting higher per square meter
  • Manufacturer continuously looking for cost reduction

    The innovative FCVA technique can be used to deposit fully conformal diffusion barriers of Ta and TaN as well as Cu seeding layers in trenches and vias. With the FCVA technique, the fully ionized metal plasma stream, consisting of ions of the cathode material and electrons, are steered through a magnetic filter stream towards the substrate. By applying a variable bias to the substrate, the energy of the ions can be controlled in the range from dozens to thousands of electron volts...